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Here's The Deal!

We know you have options. This reminds me of my favorite Robert Frost poem: “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference!” So, why choose us? Look down the road a-piece and ponder the way ahead. If you choose the path that leads to Pacific Northwest Audiology – it will make all the difference!

Here are some points to ponder along your journey…

Choose us for our knowledge and expertise

  • Credentials matter! We are Doctors of Audiology! We are highly trained to help in your hearing aid sales purchase.
  • Dr. Li-Korotky is a highly respected Audiologist with AuD and PhD credentials. She has extensive clinical and research experience with more than 100 scientific publications.
  • Dr. Benner is also a highly respected Audiologist with AuD Credentials, and more than 10 years of clinical practice experience.
  • Both of our Doctors are Board Certified in Audiology by the American Board of Audiology. The wide ranging experience of our Doctors qualifies them to evaluate and treat the full spectrum of hearing disorders and Tinnitus, for all age groups.
  • This experience is important because hearing loss can signal underlying medical conditions and our Doctors have the diagnostic capability (in both knowledge and advanced diagnostic tools) to uncover this potential during your hearing exam.

Choose us because we are redefining hearing care

  • We discarded old thinking and imagined new possibilities for hearing care. Then we forged a new path through the wilderness of old ideas. Now we have one of the most acclaimed audiology clinics in the Country
  • We developed a Hearing Innovations Center to demonstrate the leading edge of wireless hearing technologies…”the hearing tech on the edge of tomorrow”

Choose us for what we can do for YOU

  • From consulting, diagnosis, and hearing aid fitting, to follow-up tuning, counseling, and rehabilitation, we offer the widest range of diagnosis, solutions, and treatment options for hearing loss, tinnitus, and other hearing disorders.
  • We have the knowledge… the skill… the technology… and the desire to improve your life!

 Choose us for who we are

  • We are a locally owned independent practice so we aren’t limited by corporate sales partnerships or directives.
  • We are free to offer the most advanced hearing aids available, from whichever vendor best suites your hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget.

Choose us for what we believe

  • We believe that hearing health is a vital part of a good life…that untreated hearing problems can have a truly devastating effect on your overall health and happiness. That is why we are committed to your long-term good hearing and good health.
  • Our goals focus on your better health…your better hearing…and your better life!

Choose us for an exceptional experience

  • Pacific Northwest Audiology is a special place, with great accessibility and easy parking.
  • We are located in a beautiful park-like setting, where we occupy a modern, 5000 square foot building at the Shevlin Health and Wellness Center.
  • Our office is more than a clinic…we have gone to great lengths to provide a unique environment and an exceptional experience. Judging by our more than 450 5-Star Reviews, I believe we are achieving our goals!

Real people...real stories...real satifaction!

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That's Why We Have More Than 900 5-Star Reviews!

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