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Local and independently owned, Pacific Northwest Audiology is the place you want to be for expert audiological care of your hearing health – from mild to severe hearing loss to tinnitus treatment to earwax removal and more.

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Our professional team will treat you like family with an education-based treatment process designed to help you make the best decision and achieve the optimal solution for your needs. We earn your trust by offering technology from all the leading manufacturers, giving you all the time you need so you feel confident in your treatment plan, and caring for you long after with years of service and support. As a team, we’ve discovered what we love in life (cookies and wine top the list!) and it is our passion to help you get back to fully enjoying what you love about yours.
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Guiding Principles

What enabled us to create such a unique audiology practice?

There’s an ongoing struggle between opposing business philosophies to define the scope and practice of hearing care. Large corporate retailers and pseudo-professional hearing aid dispensers essentially “farm” hearing care for high profit margin sales. We believe strongly in a patient centered approach, including a rigorous process of professional diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. We view treatment as a process…not a snapshot. We are an independent practice and our primary focus is on your long term hearing health…not bottom line sales volume.

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