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We are the hearing doctors
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hearing aids won't help if they don't offset your measured hearing loss

We will fit your hearing aids to precisely offset your hearing loss!

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We are Doctors of Audiology – hearing experts

…and we have more than 1000 5-Star reviews!

We carry all brands and tech levels of hearing aids

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We will fit your hearing aids with the precision you need

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Meet our talented hearing Doctors

Dr. Penner AuD CCC-A
Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Penner received a Doctorate in Audiology from Pacific University in Hillsboro , OR. The Doctor’s previous position was with HearUSA, where she diagnosed, counseled, and treated hearing loss for adult patients. Dr. Penner is a talented audiologist and we are delighted that she is with us.

Dr. Li with hearing patient

Dr. Li-Korotky AuD, PhD, CCC-A, F-AAA
Board Certified Doctor of Audiology 

Dr. Li is the founder and CEO of Pacific Northwest Audiology. With 2 doctor degrees (PhD and Doctor of Audiology), 25+ years of research and clinical experience and more than 100 scientific publications, Dr. Li has achieved the CCC-A, the highest level of excellence in Audiology. 

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Dr. Woody AuD, F-AAA
Board Certified Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Woody is a Board Certified Audiologist with a Doctor of Audiology degree from the celebrated University of Pittsburgh AuD program. The Doctor is an expert in hearing enhancement technologies and a highly respected clinical audiologist. We (and our patients) are happy that she works here!

we listen - we hear you - we care!

And You've given us more than 1000 5-Star Reviews!

reclaim your hearing

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Our Doctors of Audiology have extensive clinical experience. They stand out among their peers by observing clinical best practices, including Real Ear Speech Mapping (RESM) to ensure a precise fitting for your hearing aids. RESM is the only way to verify that your hearing aids are programmed correctly, to offset the effects of your specific hearing loss.

Correct programming of hearing aids takes on additional weight today, because there is mounting evidence linking hearing loss to social isolation, depression, and Dementia. Improperly fit hearing aids can give a false sense of security, and may not give you adequate protection to stave off the consequences of untreated or improperly treated hearing loss.  So, If your hearing care provider doesn’t use RESM, find one who does. Your mind and memory could depend on it! 

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