All About Bluetooth Hearing Aids

All About Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Today’s hearing aids are savvy and innovative pieces of technology. Similar to most electronic devices we use today (think of your smartphone), hearing aids have also experienced significant and exciting advancements. There are innovative features and technologies that allow hearing aids to do more than ever before as well as integrate into daily life seamlessly. Bluetooth technology is an example. Bluetooth hearing aids utilize this technology to wirelessly connect to other devices, allowing the hearing aid to stream audio directly. This offers a number of benefits that enhance hearing in daily environments.

What is a Bluetooth Hearing Aid?
In the growing digital age that we live in, there are numerous electronic devices that we use on a daily basis. This includes smartphones, laptops, tablets, headphones and more. These devices have become essential items that allow us to engage in various activities like listening to music or podcasts, work, talk to friends and family etc. Bluetooth technology makes using different devices more efficient and convenient. This wireless technology shares data between two or more electronic devices that are paired. So devices that are Bluetooth enabled (many today are) can then connect and stream audio directly.

Most of today’s electronic devices are equipped with Bluetooth technology – laptops, phones, tablets, speakers, and hearing aids. Bluetooth hearing aids have a t-coil (telecoil) feature which is embedded in the hearing aid. When flipped on, this t-coil receives FM signals from a Bluetooth source (your phone or the TV for example). This allows the hearing aid to receive sound waves directly from the audio source it is connected to. The hearing aid is then able to adjust the sound signals in specific ways that meet the wearer’s needs. However the hearing aids are already programmed to process sound allowing the sound signals received from another audio source to be adjusted.

What Can Bluetooth Hearing Aids Connect With?
The advantage of Bluetooth hearing aids is that they are able to connect to any Bluetooth enabled audio source. This enhances everyday activities including:
Watching TV: Bluetooth hearing aids can stream audio from the TV directly to the device. This offers a few benefits including eliminating feedback from TV speakers to your hearing aids and the need for headphones. It also allows people to adjust the volume on your hearing aid which prevents arguing with loved ones about the volume settings on the TV!
Talking on the Phone: having conversations over the phone with hearing aids can be challenging. The speaker on the phone needs to be near the microphone on the hearing aid and this can also cause feedback. With Bluetooth hearing aids, you can directly connect to your smartphone which allows you to comfortably have phone conversations.
Listening to Music: listening to music is also much more pleasurable and easy with Bluetooth hearing aids. You can simply stream music directly to your hearing aids without having to use headphones.
These connections allow people to engage in a range of activities more comfortably and seamlessly.

What Are the Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids?
Bluetooth hearing aids offer numerous benefits that optimize hearing in everyday life. Key benefits include the following:
Enhanced connectivity: Bluetooth hearing aids can connect to any electronic device that is Bluetooth enabled. This allows audio to feed directly to your hearing aids which increases convenience and sound quality.
Personalized listening experience: receiving audio directly from other sources like the TV or your phone allows your hearing aids to process this sound in specific ways that are optimal for your hearing needs. This includes adjusting pitch, volume, reducing background noise etc. This allows you to comfortably hear and to have listening experiences that are personalized to your hearing needs.
Robust sound quality: Bluetooth hearing aids are designed to sharpen and enhance sound quality. Background noise is reduced while delivering natural and clear sounds from other audio sources.
These benefits support hearing being easy and comfortable. From connecting to loved ones on the phone to watching your favorite show with your partner or listening to music, these activities are much more accessible and smooth with Bluetooth hearing aids.

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