Early Hearing Loss Could Lead to Dementia

Early Hearing Loss Could Lead to Dementia

Living with hearing loss is no walk in the park. You have trouble following conversations, can’t seem to focus, and have noticed that your relationships aren’t as good as they once were. You don’t always hear your alarm clock, and you know miss things when you’re driving. But did you know that hearing loss can also lead to dementia?   Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline Most of us take our hearing for granted. We listen to music with our headphones at maximum volume, attend sports events without hearing protection, and have no idea just how damaging daily traffic noise can …

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This Father’s Day, Improve Family Communication by Treating Hearing Loss

This Father’s Day, Improve Family Communication by Treating Hearing Loss

There are many reasons to treat hearing loss. Hearing loss occurs when sounds are unable to travel between the outer, middle, and middle ear. Sometimes this occurs because of biological reasons, but there are environmental roots to hearing loss as well. This can include being around loud noises for short amounts of time, as could happen when around a loud explosion such as a firework, or over the course of long periods of time, as when a person is working in a factory or a place with loud machinery.   The Effects of Hearing Loss It is really important to …

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Hearing Loss and Fatigue

Hearing Loss and Fatigue

Anyone with untreated hearing loss can sympathize with this experience. You have been engaged in conversation with a number of people at a part or social gathering, some of who spoke loudly and others who spoke softly, such as children and those who talk in a high register. After straining to hear so many people for this time, you feel like you can barely make it home in one piece. Perhaps you even find yourself feeling exhausted in the middle of the party. You might be tempted to go home early because you have had such a fatiguing experience. It …

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Healthy Habits to Protect Your Hearing

Healthy Habits to Protect Your Hearing

Preventative health is a popular topic today. Some companies, organizations, and even insurance companies offer incentives for developing healthy habits that may profoundly impact your life. Yet, it is not enough to consider habits such as exercise, nutrition, and getting an annual physical. Preventative behaviors apply to your hearing, as well. Once hearing damage has taken place, it is not coming back without assistive technology such as a hearing aid. With that in mind, it is essential to protect your current level of hearing and to look out for the “future you.”   Turn It Down We’ve all witnessed someone …

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Things to Communicate to Your Friends About Hearing Loss

Explaining hearing loss to your friends can be difficult. You want them to understand what you’re going through, but sometimes they just don’t realize how hard it is for you to keep up with conversations or overcome the challenges of listening in places with a lot of background noise.   Better Speech and Hearing Month Every year, the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) dedicates the entire month of May to raising awareness about communication disorders, so this is a perfect time to talk to your friends about your hearing loss. The ASHA works tirelessly to reduce the stigma surrounding …

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Tinnitus is the perception of sounds that have no external source. The severity of tinnitus varies from an occasional awareness of ringing, hissing, buzzing, roaring, clicking, or other rough sounds in one or both ears, to an unbearable and incessant noise that drives some people to consider suicide. Tinnitus isn’t a “phantom sound” or “condition” — it’s a symptom of an underlying medical problem, such as noise trauma, age-related hearing loss, ear injury, or disease of the circulatory system. Tinnitus is relatively common, but in rare cases it can be a symptom of a serious underlying condition, such as a …


Connect and Thrive – Bend Oregon

Connect and Thrive on Thursday May 11 at the Riverhouse on the Deschutes. We will explore the importance of social connections from the context of psychological research and hearing science. You will learn how hearing empowers social health and connections empower life!” Details below!

The Bend Oregon Hearing Tech Expo

Pacific Northwest Audiology had a full house in attendance at our Hearing Tech Expo on Wednesday, Feb 8, at the Mount Bachelor Village Conference Center. Dr. Li began the day with a very well received talk on age-related hearing loss (her PhD thesis at the world renowned Karolinska Institutet in Sweden). The Doctor also reviewed new scientific studies which strongly linked untreated hearing loss and dementia. Dr. Odgear, also from Pacific Northwest Audiology, was the second batter, and he knocked it out of the ball park with his talk on hearing trends and the future of hearing tech. We convened for …

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Pacific Northwest Audiology Sponsors Another Hearing Aid Luncheon in Bend Oregon

Pacific Northwest Audiology had a another successful “Dine and Demo” luncheon at Gregg’s Grill in Bend Oregon on October 26, co-hosted by Unitron.  So, what is a Dine and Demo Luncheon? Simply put, it’s an opportunity for guests to sample the latest hearing enhancement technology in a real world environment over lunch.  This event was NOT designed to meet a sales quota. Guests learned important facts about hearing loss while sampling the advantages of new hearing technology…hearing aids that push the limits of hearing! Dine and Demo luncheons are limited to only 14 invited guests. The event was designed to be relatively small, informative, and friendly, a learning environment …

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