October is Protect Your Hearing Month

Did you know that noise-induced hearing loss can affect people of all ages? Hearing loss caused by excessive noise can occur suddenly or gradually over time, and it is irreversible. The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) encourages everyone to learn about noise-induced hearing loss, a preventable type of hearing loss, during … Read more

Supporting a Loved One with Hearing Loss

With 48 million people in the US alone affected by hearing loss, there is a big chance that someone you know and care about is struggling with this condition. If you do then, perhaps you are wondering how you can support them. Hearing loss can be incredibly isolating and exhausting. Here are a few tips … Read more

Know Alzheimer’s Disease: Treat Hearing Loss in September during World Alzheimer’s Month

Know Alzheimer's Disease Treat Hearing Loss in September during World Alzheimer's Month(3) (2)

Participate in World Alzheimer’s Month by scheduling a hearing test! Treating hearing loss reduces the risk of experiencing cognitive decline and developing conditions like Alzheimer’s. Launched in 2012, this international campaign creates awareness and challenges the stigma associated with dementia. Impacting 50 million people globally, dementia refers to a group of medical conditions that deteriorate … Read more

Hearing Loss Patients at Higher Risk of Hospital Readmission

Hearing loss patients at higher risk of hospital readmission

Recent studies show that people with hearing loss are more likely to be readmitted to the hospital compared to people without hearing loss. Hearing loss results in a reduced capacity to detect and process sound. This produces numerous symptoms that make it difficult to hear and navigate conversations. Strained communication impacts all aspects of daily … Read more

Protecting Your Child’s Hearing at School

Protecting Your Child's Hearing at School

Back to school time is approaching! You may find yourself buying new school supplies, clothes, and making other arrangements for your kids to be back in school. While thinking about and making preparations for the upcoming school year, it is important to consider noise! Schools are noisy places filled with loud activities throughout the day. … Read more

As an Invisible Condition, Hearing Loss Often Goes Ignored

As an Invisible Condition, Hearing Loss Often Goes Ignored

Hearing loss is one of the most pervasive health conditions people experience today. Impacting nearly 48 million people, the number of people with hearing loss is expected to grow exponentially. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 1  billion people (ages 12-35) globally are at an increased risk of developing hearing loss due to loud … Read more

All About Assistive Listening Devices

All About Assistive Listening Devices

There is a range of diverse technologies designed to maximize hearing in different environments. If you have hearing loss, you likely utilize hearing aids to provide critical support as you navigate daily life. In addition to hearing aids, there are other types of devices that make spaces (and activities) more accessible for people with impaired … Read more

A Link Between Gout & Hearing Loss

A Link Between Gout & Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a pervasive medical condition that nearly 48 million people navigate. It is estimated that 1 in 5 people have some degree of hearing loss in one or both ears. A chronic and permanent health condition, hearing loss produces a range of symptoms that reduce a person’s capacity to absorb and process sound. … Read more