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We are Doctors Of Audiology And we Know Tinnitus Science!

Dr. Li-Korotky AuD, PhD, and Dr. Alison Benner AuD have more than 50 years of combined research and clinical experience. They have the knowledge and skill to help you manage your Tinnitus, and access to the most cutting-edge Tinnitus management technology, including wireless tech and Tinnitus apps for iOS and Android devices. Pacific Northwest Audiology has the knowledge… the skill… the technology… and the desire to help you manage your Tinnitus, and that will vastly improve your life!

Dr. Li-Korotky AuD, PhD, F-AAA
Board Certified Audiologist 

Dr. Li is an acclaimed Audiologist with AuD & PhD credentials. She is a Gold Member of The American Tinnitus Assn with 20+ years of research & clinical experience.

Dr. Alison Benner AuD, F-AAA
Board Certified Audiologist 

Dr. Benner is a highly respected Audiologist with AuD Credentials and more than 10 years of research and clinical practice experience. 

Our beautiful, easily accessible Hearing Innovations Center. 

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That's Why We Have More Than 500 5-Star Reviews!

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