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are you still struggling to understand speech?
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You may be a good candidate
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what we bring to the table

–  Board Certified Doctors of Audiology 

–  More than 900 5-Star reviews! 

–  Expertise to determine if an implant will benefit you 

–  Expertise in pre-surgical testing and evaluation  

–  Expertise in post-surgical programming & activation!

–  Expertise in post-surgical therapy and support!

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Are you frustrated by
a poor listening experience?

here's where it gets real

We Listen - we hear you - we care!

more than 1000 5-star reviews!

Are you ready to hear again!

our doctors are implant solutions experts!

Dr. xxxx AuD, CCC-A
Doctor of Audiology 

We are actively seeking a new Doctor of Audiology to replace one of our Doctors, who had to leave for family reasons. We only hire the best, and anticipate a great replacement by September. 

Dr. Li with hearing patient

Dr. Li-Korotky AuD, PhD, CCC-A, F-AAA
Board Certified Doctor of Audiology 

Dr. Li has 2 doctor degrees and she has achieved the level of excellence in the field of Audiology (CCC-A), with 25+ years of research and clinical experience and 100+ scientific publications!

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Dr. Woody AuD, F-AAA
Board Certified Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Woody is a Board Certified Audiologist with a Doctor of Audiology degree from the celebrated University of Pittsburgh AuD program. The Doctor is an expert in hearing enhancement technologies.

we Know Cochlear implants!

If you are still struggling to hear with clarity – even with hearing aids – you may be a good candidate for an implantable hearing solution. These are not yesterday’s technology, which were only for people with profound hearing loss. Today’s implantable devises (such as Cochlear Implants) serve a larger population, including those with moderate to severe hearing loss and poor speech discrimination. 

Dr. Li-Korotky AuD, PhD, Dr. Woody AuD, F-AAA, and Dr. Cain all have extensive research and/or clinical experience. They have the knowledge and skill to determine if a Cochlear Implant will benefit you, and they will counsel you on your best way forward. After surgery, they will activate and program your device, and work with you so you get the most from your implant. 

Bottom line? There is no reason to suffer the frustration of a poor listening experience today. Pacific Northwest Audiology will support every step you take along your journey to better speech understanding. We have the knowledge… the skill… the technology… and the desire to help you achieve a well-connected life!

We redefined the experience of hearing care...

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Our beautiful, easily accessible Hearing Innovations Center. 

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We spared no expense in creating a memorable experience!

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Do you still struggle...
even with powerful hearing aids?

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