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You’ve had your new hearing aids for a few months, and you couldn’t be happier. You’ve adjusted to wearing devices, and you can’t imagine your life without them. But recently you’ve noticed a few problems that have you stressed. Don’t worry, when it comes to maintenance and repairs, we’re here to help.

How to Look After Your Devices

Whether you’ve been wearing hearing aids for years, or just got your first pair a few weeks ago, you want your hearing aids to be in tip top shape. The first step in maintaining your hearing devices is knowing how to look after your hearing aids so you won’t have any issues hearing.

The best thing you can do for your hearing devices is to keep them clean. Devices free from any buildup of dirt, debris, dust, earwax, or moisture will perform better, last longer, and need repairs far less often. If you want reliable devices, take a couple minutes every day to clean your hearing aids. Using a soft, dry cloth, wipe your hearing aids carefully, checking any holes or crevasses for earwax, dirt, or moisture. Make sure the microphone, sound ports, and tubing aren’t blocked, and be sure to wipe inside the battery door as well. This will ensure you’ll be able to hear clearly without experiencing any static of feedback when wearing your devices.

How to Look After Your Ears

Just like your hearing aids, your ears also need to be kept clean. Your devices will stay cleaner, and will be less likely to get blocked by earwax or debris. Earwax is a normal and necessary secretion of the ears that protects your eardrum from dirt or debris in air around you. However, too much earwax can make it difficult to hear, or clog your hearing aids. Clean your ears thoroughly with warm water, but don’t pick up that cotton swab! You might think cotton balls or Q-tips are perfect for cleaning out your ears, but they will only push earwax further into your ears, and could even damage your ear canal or eardrum. If you think you have a buildup of excessive earwax, visit your family doctor to have your ears properly cleaned.

When to Get Your Hearing Aids Repaired

Despite your best efforts, you’ve been experiencing problems with your hearing aids that you can’t fix. Don’t worry, all hearing aids need repairs from time to time, and many problems can’t be solved at home.  That’s where we come in. If you’ve been experiencing any problems with your hearing aids visit us at Pacific Northwest Audiology where our team of hearing specialists will be happy to help.

Wondering when you should get your hearing aids repaired? If your hearing aids haven’t been working properly, or you’ve been having trouble hearing, it’s time for repairs. Excessive feedback or whistling is a common sign that something’s not right, either with the fit of the device or with some programs or settings. If your hearing aids have been damaged, appear dead, or have any visible cracks or marks on the casing, it’s time for repairs.

Hearing Aid Repairs

At Pacific Northwest Audiology we’ll do a thorough cleaning and inspection to find out what’s wrong. Some problems can be easily fixed, and might be something you’ve overlooked like a dead battery, or a sound port clogged with earwax. Problems with the battery door or with tubing can often be fixed right at the office, and we’re able to perform a lot of small repairs while you wait.

Sometimes replacement parts are needed, or your devices might need to be sent to the manufacturer for major repairs. We may be able to offer you a loaner pair for a few days so you’ll be more comfortable while you wait for your devices to be repaired. This will also give you a chance to check out some of the latest in hearing aid technology, and keep up with new advancements you’d like in your next pair or hearing aids.

At Pacific Northwest Audiology, we’re happy to perform hearing aid repairs. If you notice anything wrong with your devices, bring them in to our office and we’ll make sure your devices will be good as new.

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