The Benefits of Being Social for Older Americans

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Are you over the age over 65? Older Americans often struggle to stay social, whether from changes in living arrangements, losing a spouse, or due to hearing loss. Whatever the cause of their social isolation, finding ways to be social is critical for older adults’ mental, physical, and emotional health.

The Benefits of Being Social for Older Americans

Daily social contact is extremely important for health and wellness, especially as you age. Older Americans often feel isolated and alone, and struggle with changes in life circumstances such as retiring, losing a spouse, or becoming less mobile. Being social is one of the best ways to overcome these challenges, and maintain a healthy and fulfilled life.

  • Mental benefits of being social: Older adults who stay social are less likely to feel isolated and alone. They enjoy daily encounters with family and friends, and have a reason to get up in the morning. They’re far less likely to become anxious, and the daily interactions keep their minds sharp. Being social is also good for the brain. Older adults don’t receive as much stimulation as they did in their younger days, and the brain doesn’t stay as healthy. In a case of use it or lose it, older adults who aren’t very social have more rapid cognitive decline, and are more likely to suffer from dementia.
  • Physical benefits of being social: There are a number of physical benefits to being more social. Old adults with an active social life are more likely to leave the house every day, spend more time walking or exercising, and have an easier time maintaining a consistent diet and a healthy body weight. An active social life also boosts immune system function, and prevents sickness and reduces the risk of developing a chronic illness such as diabetes or high blood pressure.
  • Emotional benefits of being social: Finally, there are a lot of emotional benefits of being social. Seniors who are social have better emotional support systems, and are happier and healthier than seniors who face isolation. An active social life helps older adults feel connected with family and friends, and lowers the risk of anxiety, stressful thoughts, social isolation and depression. Social seniors have a higher quality of life, and report high levels of happiness.

How to Be More Social

There are many ways you can be more social, regardless of your age. Look for recreational activities for seniors in your community, and find wellness programs you can join. Find a book club to meet new people, or join a crafting group, a coffee lover’s group, or a walking group. Making new friends is easy, and you can be more social and be more connected regardless of your age. You can also find volunteer programs to keep your body and mind stimulated. You can connect with others while volunteering with kids, or at your local soup kitchen. Finally consider taking a class or learning a new skill. You can find a writing course, an art class, or a language class at your local adult education center or community college. Finding a way to be more social is easy, and it will improve your overall quality of life.

How Hearing Aids Help Seniors Be More Social

Have you been living with untreated hearing loss? If you can’t hear clearly, you’ll struggle to be social, and have difficulty connecting with family and friends. You may feel very anxious when meeting new people, and fear that you’ll mishear what’s been said, or get lost trying to follow the conversation. To enjoy all the benefits of being social, hearing aids can help you effortlessly connect with those around you. Whether you want to spend more time with your grandkids, or you’re excited to meet new friends, quality hearing devices will give you all the confidence you need to improve your quality of life, and let you enjoy all the benefits of being social.

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