Audiologist or Dispenser – Part 1

Introduction We have many customers who initially responded to “Big Box” discount advertising or hearing aid franchise promises, only to discover later that their discounted products weren’t as cheap as the promises that brought them into the store, and their expensive new hearing aids didn’t help them communicate any better than they did before laying down a large chunk … Read more

Hearing Health

A healthy hearing system is important because it allows us to connect with the world, but untreated hearing problems can have a devastating effect on our overall health and happiness. This is the first of a series of articles that will explore hearing health for all age groups while revealing the medical and emotional consequences … Read more

Why Choose an Audiologist?

The Struggle For the Heart and Soul of Hearing Care… The following “hot-button” article was co-authored by Dr. Li-Korotky and Josh Korotky. It explains how hearing care is being repositioned from a patient- to a profit-centered standard…and why you should care. There’s an ongoing struggle between opposing business philosophies to define the scope and practice … Read more