Protecting Your Hearing at Outdoor Events This Summer

Protecting your hearing at outdoor events this summer

Summer is around the corner, and so you might be planning to attend some outdoor events soon. Concerts, festivals, and sports games are great fun, but they can also be incredibly loud. Loud noises can cause permanent hearing damage, leading to hearing loss and tinnitus. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, over one billion young people are at risk of hearing loss due to unsafe listening practices.

Studies find outdoor events to be dangerously loud

A new study published in the journal Noise Health has found that noise levels in baseball stadiums can be high enough to cause hearing damage and tinnitus. The study measured noise levels at four baseball games and found an average of 91.7 dBA, with the red and navy seating sections producing significantly higher levels. Despite the high noise levels, 70% of respondents preferred sitting in these sections for a better view and to be closer to the cheerleaders. Most respondents did not consider wearing earplugs, and one-third reported experiencing muffled speech after the game. The study recommends improved public education on safe noise exposure during popular sports activities.

A review of published studies on the effects of loud music listening on hearing has been conducted in the McGill Journal of Medicine. The review found that prolonged exposure to amplified live music at concerts poses the most serious threat to hearing, while other sources of high-intensity music such as rock and pop music playing, employment at music venues, and personal music players also have the potential for hearing damage. The review concludes that more research is needed to clarify the hearing loss risks of music exposure from personal music players and that there is a need for more education on the risks of loud music exposure, increased use of hearing protection, and more regulations limiting music intensity levels at entertainment venues.

Take extra precautions this summer

We believe it is important to take care of your hearing while enjoying outdoor events this summer. Here are some tips and advice on how to protect your hearing while having a great time outdoors. 

Be aware of the noise levels

The first step in protecting your hearing is to be aware of the noise levels around you. At outdoor events, the noise levels can reach up to 110 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound of a chainsaw. This level of noise can cause permanent hearing damage in just a few minutes.

To protect your hearing, try to stay away from the speakers and other loud sources of noise. If you can’t avoid being close to the speakers, consider wearing earplugs or noise-canceling headphones. This will help reduce the volume of the sound reaching your ears.

Take breaks

It is important to give your ears a break from loud noise. If you are attending an all-day event, take breaks from the noise by finding a quieter spot to relax for a while. This will give your ears a chance to rest and recover from the loud noise.

Use earplugs

Earplugs are a great way to protect your hearing from loud noises. They are cheap, easy to use, and can significantly reduce the volume of the sound reaching your ears. There are many types of earplugs available, from disposable foam earplugs to custom-made earplugs that fit your ears perfectly.

Limit your exposure to loud noise

Limiting your exposure to loud noise is another effective way to protect your hearing. The longer you are exposed to loud noise, the more damage it can cause to your hearing. If possible, try to limit your exposure to loud noise by leaving the event early or taking frequent breaks.

Get a hearing test

If you suspect that you may have hearing loss, it is important to get a hearing test. A hearing professional can assess your hearing and provide you with advice on the best treatment options. At our hearing practice, we offer comprehensive hearing tests and a range of hearing aids to suit your needs.

Protecting your hearing at outdoor events this summer is essential for maintaining good hearing health. By being aware of the noise levels, taking breaks, using earplugs, limiting your exposure to loud noise, and getting a hearing test, you can enjoy outdoor events while protecting your hearing. As your trusted hearing practice, we are here to help you on your journey towards better hearing health.