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Pacific Northwest Audiology Is Expanding!

Dr. Li-Korotky
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First FB report 11.07.2015

Pacific Northwest Audiology will move to the Shevlin Health and Wellness Center this Spring…a visionary medical campus of 11 buildings dedicated to serving Northwest Crossing and Bend with one stop health care. This community will be a great match for our plans to revolutionize the experience of hearing care!

We’ve broken ground on the new building and it should be ready for occupancy sometime in April. We will be upgrading from 1400 sq. ft. to 5000 sq. ft. to accommodate expanding operations and new patient opportunities. 

In addition to Pacific Northwest Audiology, the new medical campus is anchored by High Lakes Health Care, a primary care practice, and The Center Orthopedic and Neurological. Other practices are Central Oregon Eyecare, Step & Spine Physical Therapy, and Mountain View Acupuncture, with additional practices on the way.

We will update the progress of our building, the Shevlin Health and Wellness Center, and our plans every week so please stay in touch.  

The attached photo (above) shows our building location relative to the Shevlin Health and Wellness center and High Lakes Health Care.

The Shevlin Health and Wellness Center is located between NW Shevlin Park Road and Northwest Crossing Drive, in Bend, OR. The following link is to a Brochure of the Shevlin Health and Wellness Center from Fratzke Commercial Real Estate, with a map, description of the project, and additional photos.