Pacific Northwest Audiology Had Their Annual Holiday Celebration In Bend Oregon!

Pacific Northwest Audiology has a party!

Pacific Northwest Audiology had a grand Holiday party for more than 100 friends on December 16, at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Bend Oregon. It was our way of showing appreciation to those who have been loyal to us, those who wanted to know us, and the Bend Oregon community.

We had a full agenda of great fellowship, food and drink, and Bingo…and we raffled off valuable gifts every 15 minutes for three hours. You can see from the pictures that we had a very engaging audience, and everyone went home happy for the experience. Dr. Li (bottom middle panel) tried her hand at Bingo, but the cards just weren’t with her. She came close though, because the gentleman to her right had a winning Bingo card. Well…there’s always next time!

We were very happy with the turnout and the smiles of people letting us know how much fun they had. You can count on another celebration next year!


As we discussed previously, long term untreated hearing loss can have profound physical, mental, and emotional effects for seniors. But there is substantial evidence that taking steps to improve our hearing will go a long way to ensuring our physical and mental well-being as we age. We are living longer, healthier and more actively than our parents generation. We take care of ourselves, and we refuse to sit on the sidelines of life. Since we are living longer, we certainly want to age well, and our generation (the Baby Boomers) tends to “take the Bull by the horn.” But it’s important to understand that we don’t treat hearing loss just to hear with more clarity. We treat hearing loss to improve our quality of life, and the longevity of that quality! Addressing and treating hearing loss can be a long, sometimes challenging process, but most of us are up to the challenge. There are many benefits to treating our hearing loss. Here are just a few: