Pacific Northwest Audiology Building Progress


Pacific Northwest Audiology 2015-11-30

A week has passed since the last update, and as the pictures show, the weather took a definite turn for the worse during the week. More than a foot of snow in the Bend area snarled traffic and hindered progress on the building. But…it is winter in Bend Oregon, and we have no guarantee that the weather will cooperate with building plans! 

In the figure above, panels 1 and 2 show the building from the NE and NNE respectively (see the arrows in panel 4). Panel 4 shows the location of our clinic relative to High Lakes Health Center, and panel 3 shows Dr. Li contemplating an early Spring 🙂

Pacific Northwest Audiology will move to the Shevlin Health and Wellness center this coming April. The weather may slow the building progress, but it won’t stop our plans to revolutionize the experience of hearing care in Bend!

Check back often. We will continue to update the building progress every week!




As we discussed previously, long term untreated hearing loss can have profound physical, mental, and emotional effects for seniors. But there is substantial evidence that taking steps to improve our hearing will go a long way to ensuring our physical and mental well-being as we age. We are living longer, healthier and more actively than our parents generation. We take care of ourselves, and we refuse to sit on the sidelines of life. Since we are living longer, we certainly want to age well, and our generation (the Baby Boomers) tends to “take the Bull by the horn.” But it’s important to understand that we don’t treat hearing loss just to hear with more clarity. We treat hearing loss to improve our quality of life, and the longevity of that quality! Addressing and treating hearing loss can be a long, sometimes challenging process, but most of us are up to the challenge. There are many benefits to treating our hearing loss. Here are just a few: