Pacific Northwest Audiology Building Progress, 12.16.2015, Bend Oregon


Sound booth installation - 12.16. 2015

We have had typical Bend winter weather during the last week, with periods of Sun, periods of rain, and periods of snow…nothing special! But the construction team worked overtime to get the building ready for the sound booth installation. That meant getting the roof up to keep out the weather and sealing all the window spaces so the building could be heated. Heating is critical because the sound booths require environmental control to ensure their reliable performance.

Pacific Northwest Audiology purchased these top-of-the-line sound booths from Albertina Kerr, a non-profit medical organisation in Portland Oregon dedicated to partnering with the community to help people with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges develop self determined lives. Unfortunately, they felt compelled to close their audiology clinic, so we offered to buy the premium sound booths.

A team of experts from Audiology Acoustics, head quartered in Washington State, disassembled the sound booths from their location at Albertina Kerr, and placed them into storage in Portland Oregon last August, until our new building was ready for their installation. They got the go-ahead last week, assembled their team, and brought the sound booths to their new home on Tuesday, December 15. I will talk more about these sound booths during the next update.

In the figure above, panels 1 and 2 show the building from the NE and NNE respectively (see the arrows in panel 6). Panels 3, 4, and 5 show a team from Audiology Acoustics, as they worked on installing the booths in their respective pre-built areas, to ensure a flat entryway from the outside for anyone with physical limitations. As in previous updates, Panel 6 shows the location of our clinic relative to High Lakes Health Center.

Pacific Northwest Audiology will move to the Shevlin Health and Wellness Center this coming April. Check back often. We will continue to update the building progress every week!

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