New YouTube Videos

Pacific Northwest Audiology produced two commercials that will air on KTVZ during December through May. The videos provide backgrounds for two scripts …an informational message for the general public, and an appeal for physicians to take advantage of local audiological expertise. More information on the scripts can be found here.

Click on a picture to view the YouTube video:

KTVZ Physician Focus

The following video was produced with a physician focus. It’s an appeal for physicians to collaborate with AuD-level Audiologists for the best interest of patients. Why? Because untreated hearing loss has been linked with cardiovascular disease, dementia, and other serious illnesses, and Pacific Northwest Audiology has the specialized equipment and training to complement a physician’s diagnostic efforts for patients of all ages.

Dr. Li-Korotky has AuD, PhD, and MD credentials, extensive clinical and research experience, and a CV with more than 100 publications, so physicians can be confident that collaborative efforts will be productive.

KTVZ Customer Focus

The following video was produced for customers. Hearing loss can set you back a few steps…but it doesn’t have to “keep you out of the game”. So we focus on the positive aspects of treating hearing loss. Pacific Northwest Audiology will find the best solution for your hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget… using the most cutting-edge equipment in the region. With more than twenty years of clinical and research experience, Dr. Li-Korotky is exceptionally qualified to help you get back in the game.