Holidays and Apple Pie

The Holidays are approaching like headlights on NE 3rd Street on a busy shopping night in Bend Oregon …and as we avoid the oncoming traffic our thoughts turn to family, friends, and good food.

I am reminded of something Carl Sagan (astronomer and author) once said about apple pie:

“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe”.

I love apple pie…but who has time to invent a universe? And even if I had the time…I can’t think of a practical way to accomplish the task. As luck would have it though…others have apparently figured out how to make delicious apple pie without creating a universe as the first ingredient.

We wish you and your families’ a great holiday season…filled with good times…good food…and lot’s of home-made apple pie!

Josh Korotky & Dr. Ha-Sheng Li-Korotky

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