Hearing Aid Compatible Assistive Listening Devices

Dr. Li-Korotky

If you are suffering from hearing loss then you probably know about hearing aid technology, or you may be using one of those technologies since hearing aids are one of the most common methods to achieve normal listening capabilities.

These technologies have been developing over time, but there are still many hassles encountered in day-to-day life. Some of the most common hindrances in achieving the best listening experience occur in situations such as stadium events, classroom lectures, using the phone, etc. These situations require some extra support to keep your listening experience at their best in every situation. An Assistive Listening Device could be the solution to give you that extra listening support.

A Brief Description of Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) For Those Who Are New to This Technology

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) are the technology that assists you in hearing sounds clearly by amplifying the sounds you want to listen to and suppressing the background noise to make the intended sound even more clear. ALDs are the best solution to make your fight against hearing loss easier without making others around you suffer from sounds that are too loud.

ALDs are not hearing aids and can be used on their own. They are already in use in many areas like employment, education, and entertainment. These devices are also able to assist you in your personal life, especially when you are suffering from hearing loss. Using this technology with your normal hearing aid can enhance your listening experience dramatically.

Government policies like Americans With Disability Act (ADA) have already made the use of ALDs necessary in many areas under Title III and covered more areas Under Title II & I. Some other public policies also started including the use of ALDs in support of people with deafness.

Role of Bluetooth Technology in Creating A Bridge Between Sounds and Your Ears

In recent years, with advancements in hearing aid technology, these devices have started coming with inbuilt Bluetooth technology to provide you an exceptionally good and hassle-free listening experience. You can simply connect it with any other Bluetooth activated device such as a TV, radio, or mobile phone to listen to the sound of that particular connected device directly into your ears. It makes your listening strain-free.

What if You Don’t Have Bluetooth Technology in your Hearing Aid?

If you don’t have Bluetooth technology inbuilt in your hearing aid and you don’t want to upgrade your hearing aid, or maybe you don’t have Bluetooth enabled devices, then ALD is the option you might need. These additional devices can help you in achieving that exceptional listening experience by enhancing the particular sound that you want to listen to and let you enjoy your day-to-day life entertainment sources and tasks.

ALDs in Your Personal Life

ALD technology has already been adopted by many educational institutes and business firms to make their speeches and lectures clear and accessible for every person attending those huge seminars, meetings, and classes. Here we will discuss how ALDs can assist you in your personal life.

There are 3 main areas ALDs can assist you the most in your personal life:

Face-to-Face Conversations: If you are struggling to listen to the other person and making your relations suffer due to your low hearing capabilities, ALDs might be the best solution to make conversations perfectly audible to you. These devices can make your conversations very delightful and free from strain.

Phone Calls: ALDs can change the experience of your phone calls by providing you with clarity, sound amplification, better sound quality, and eliminating unwanted sounds. With some more advanced ALDs, you are almost able to replace your phone by giving you many phone features.

Watching TV: ALD technology allows you to connect to your TV and transmit the sound directly into your earbuds or headphones to make your TV watching experience more enjoyable. In this category, ALDs can not only assist the person with hearing loss but also can make your TV watching experience better in general by giving you the ability to tailor the sound.

Hearing aids are a very fine solution for your hearing loss but using the Assistive Listening Devices with your normal hearing aids can fill hearing gaps better and make your listening capabilities more efficient in every situation.

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