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Dr. Li-Korotky Talks at Lions Club

Dr. Li-Korotky, AuD, PhD, MD, was a guest speaker at the Crooked River Ranch Lions Club Community Appreciation Evening on April 29…at the Ranch Chapel at Crooked River Ranch in Terrebonne, Oregon. The event was in support of the Lions’ Sight and Hearing mission.

The Doctor talked about her experiences growing up in China during the Cultural Revolution, and then spoke about Age-Related Hearing Loss…the topic of her PhD Thesis. Dr. Li-Korotky was a “barefoot Doctor” for two years during this period, taking care of the medical needs of country-side villagers. This experience sparked her interest in medicine and eventually lead to an MD degree from Henan Medical University, in Henan, China.

This was an active evening with a very engaged audience…full of questions, answers, and discussion. No one left early and no one fell asleep!

Pacific Northwest Audiology wishes to thank the Lions Club for inviting us to share in their Community Appreciation evening. Also…thanks for the hospitality and help. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience!