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Pacific Northwest Audiology Sponsors Another Hearing Aid Luncheon in Bend Oregon

Pacific Northwest Audiology had a another successful “Dine and Demo” luncheon at Gregg’s Grill in Bend Oregon on October 26, co-hosted by Unitron. 

So, what is a Dine and Demo Luncheon? Simply put, it’s an opportunity for guests to sample the latest hearing enhancement technology in a real world environment over lunch. 

Greggs GrilThis event was NOT designed to meet a sales quota. Guests learned important facts about hearing loss while sampling the advantages of new hearing technology…hearing aids that push the limits of hearing!

Dine and Demo luncheons are limited to only 14 invited guests. The event was designed to be relatively small, informative, and friendly, a learning environment that allowed each guest to evaluate new hearing solutions with no outside stresses or obligations. 

For those selected to participate in the event we tested their hearing (or used their latest hearing test of record) and then fitted them with personally customized Flex:Trial hearing aids, diagnostic instruments that can be programed to different technology levels to suit the needs of individual patients. Flex:Trial hearing aids are particularly well suited for increased sound clarity in otherwise noisy environments like a busy restaurant, so our guests were able to verify the technology claims…which they did!

The picture (below) shows Dr. Li (Pacific Northwest Audiology, bottom panels) and Felipe Ovando (Unitron, top panel) discussing new technology to alleviate hearing loss while enhancing hearing and communication. The middle two panels show Dr. Odgear and Grace Gardner (both from Pacific Northwest Audiology) answering general questions from our guests. Grace is completing her externship with Pacific Northwest Audiology prior to becoming a full-fledged Doctor of Audiology.

Collage graphic 2

We were very pleased with the outcome of this event…the food was high quality, everyone had their questions answered, and all of us had a great time!

There will be one more Dine and Demo event this year: November 30. Call now if you want a seat… 541-678-5698-5698.


Pacific Northwest Audiology Celebrated Their Open House in Bend Oregon

The Open House was held on October 20, from 10 am – 2 pm at our new custom hearing center at the Shevlin Health and Wellness Center, located at 2205 NW Shevlin Park Rd. in Bend OR.

Collage FinalAround 70 people came to celebrate with us and to see what has already been heralded as one of the most forward thinking audiology clinics in the United States! 

Pacific Northwest Audiology designed this clinic from the ground up. In addition to diagnostic, clinical, and hearing aid services, we established The Hearing Innovations Center to demonstrate the leading edge of hearing enhancement technologies.

Energized by our new Hearing Innovations Center and staffed with Doctors of Audiology, Pacific Northwest Audiology is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the most remarkable hearing technologies of today …and tomorrow!

The Open House gave us a chance to demonstrate amazing new technology. We offered guided tours of the facility, explained our vision for tomorrow, and shared a tasty lunch.

This was a very satisfying event for everyone. In addition to our good friends, we made many new friends!

The View from Tomorrow

This was a wildly successful event …87 registered…15 on standby…engaging speakers, a highly responsive audience, and dancing during the breaks!

PNWA and Phonak Hampton 7.20.16

What we learned…

  • Tomorrow’s hearing technology is available today!
  • Hearing loss no longer means the end of a good life!
  • Hearing loss is no longer stigmatized!
  • Hearing technology is cool…even desirable!
  • Hearing care options have never been better!

What is the View from Tomorrow?

  • Streaming audio from HDTV, iOS, Android, and other devises
  • Connecting without wires to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
  • Controlling hearing aid settings with a smart phone
  • Communicating in any environment
  • Using Apps to enrich our hearing
  • And much more!

We still have special promotional deals from this event, and we are preregistering for future events…call 541-678-5698

Look for our Open House at the end of August…more to follow!


Blog fig

It’s a building! The exterior of the new Pacific Northwest Audiology Hearing Center is around 80 percent complete and you can easily imagine approaching the building on a lazy summer day…even though the temperature was 35 degrees in spotty rain showers when the picture was taken. Much progress has also been made on the interior, which was painted with an earthy beige color. Windows are framed, the ceiling is going in, and wiring is just about complete. 

In the figure above, panels 1 and 2 show the building from the NNE, and Panel 3 shows the location of Pacific Northwest Audiology relative to High Lakes Health Center. Panel 4 is a schematic of the interior office spaces and panels 5 and 6 show the view from the patient reception area toward the Innovation Technology Center, where we will have interactive displays and technology educational programs for our customers.

Progress continues on a fast track, and we are still planning to move our operations during the first week of April. Check back for updates…we will have a lot more to tell and show as time draws closer to our move-in date!


Hearing Clinic Graphic


Walls are mostly painted, ceilings will be added next week, and the building exterior is looking better every day. Weston Technology has a great plan for fulfilling our wired and wireless technology dreams, and cooperative weather is keeping us on course for a late March move-in date. When you consider that the Universe is more than 13.5 billion years old…a couple of months is like a very small fraction of a second!

We took our staff on a field trip to the building today, and we spent a lot of time discussing how to use the spaces in innovative new ways. We are thinking out of the box in every respect, to create the best patient journey while re-imagining the hearing care experience. We will spare no WOWs! 

In the figure above, panel 1 shows the building from the NNE, and Panel 2 shows the location of Pacific Northwest Audiology relative to High Lakes Health Center. Panel 3 shows the view from the entrance vestibule toward what will become our Innovation Technology Center (purple arrow in panel 6), panel 4 shows work on the building exterior, and panel 5 shows the view toward the Innovation Technology Center from the Reception area (green arrow in Panel 6).

Panel 7 shows the entire crew. From left to right, Dr. Li-Korotky (Chief Audiologist and co-owner), Josh Korotky (Vice President and co-owner), Jackie Carey (our Office Manager), Dr. Ryan O’Clair (Audiologist), Jenny Jochum (Audiologist Assistant), and Mindy Dimitri (Doctor of Audiology Fellow). We are looking to add another Audiologist, Audiologist Assistent, and Front Desk coordinator soon!

Things are happening fast, so check back for updates…we have a lot more to tell and show as time draws closer to our move-in date!

Pacific Northwest Audiology Building Progress


Pacific Northwest Audiology 2015-11-30

A week has passed since the last update, and as the pictures show, the weather took a definite turn for the worse during the week. More than a foot of snow in the Bend area snarled traffic and hindered progress on the building. But…it is winter in Bend Oregon, and we have no guarantee that the weather will cooperate with building plans! 

In the figure above, panels 1 and 2 show the building from the NE and NNE respectively (see the arrows in panel 4). Panel 4 shows the location of our clinic relative to High Lakes Health Center, and panel 3 shows Dr. Li contemplating an early Spring 🙂

Pacific Northwest Audiology will move to the Shevlin Health and Wellness center this coming April. The weather may slow the building progress, but it won’t stop our plans to revolutionize the experience of hearing care in Bend!

Check back often. We will continue to update the building progress every week!




There was a Time…

…when hearing aids weren’t cool.

But that time isn’t now! The stigma of hearing loss is settling quickly into the past as hearing aids become cool. Why? Because Bluetooth technology allows hearing aids to communicate wireless with an iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch… directly or through the use of external streamers. That’s!

And you aren’t limited to IOS products! High end wireless accessories are also available with Android and Windows products. That means you can have all the benefits of wireless streaming with your favorite devises!

The bottom line: you can stream audio from Skype calls, TVs, MP3 players, smart phones, or other computing devices, or connect directly to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. That will let you bring the world to your hearing aids…and that is cool!

See our Brochure on new wireless technology, here.

Pacific Northwest Audiology Launches Effort to Introduce Innovative Technology Solutions

Pacific Northwest Audiology will highlight innovative hearing technology solutions over the coming months. Our inaugural focus for January is an exciting developing technology…invisible hearing aids (see our informational blog, here). The following video was produced by Pacific Northwest Audiology and KTVX in Bend, Oregon to highlight our current promotional program for Lyric invisible hearing aids. This video will see air time on KTVX through January. We will highlight additional innovative hearing technologies over the coming months…so let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Pacific Northwest Audiology Seeks Volunteers For a Free Trial of Invisible Hearing Aids.

The first 6 people to register for a free trial will participate in a Lyric Special Event on January 16. We will have a representative of Lyric on board both days to answer your questions about this exciting new hearing aid technology!

Don’t worry if you can’t make it on January 16…we will set you up for a free trial during a time that works best for you.

Advantages of Lyric Hearing Aids

  • Lyric invisible hearing aids can be worn 24/7 while sleeping, talking on the phone, exercising, or even while showering.
  • Lasts for up to 4 months without changing batteries.
  • Delivers exceptional sound quality by working with your ear’s natural anatomy.
  • Completely disappears from sight.
  • Gives you the benefits of automatic technology upgrades

Free Trial Details

  • Book an appointment online and we will help you complete a simple form for your risk-free certificate.
  • Dr. Li-Korotky will assess your hearing profile and determine whether you are a good candidate for Lyric. After the assessment, Dr. Li-Korotky will counsel you on your treatment options.
  • If Lyric is a good personal option…try Lyric risk-free for 30 days
  • You have no obligation to purchase when the trial period ends.

Reserve a Spot During The Lyric Special Event

New YouTube Videos

Pacific Northwest Audiology produced two commercials that will air on KTVZ during December through May. The videos provide backgrounds for two scripts …an informational message for the general public, and an appeal for physicians to take advantage of local audiological expertise. More information on the scripts can be found here.

Click on a picture to view the YouTube video:

KTVZ Physician Focus

The following video was produced with a physician focus. It’s an appeal for physicians to collaborate with AuD-level Audiologists for the best interest of patients. Why? Because untreated hearing loss has been linked with cardiovascular disease, dementia, and other serious illnesses, and Pacific Northwest Audiology has the specialized equipment and training to complement a physician’s diagnostic efforts for patients of all ages.

Dr. Li-Korotky has AuD, PhD, and MD credentials, extensive clinical and research experience, and a CV with more than 100 publications, so physicians can be confident that collaborative efforts will be productive.

KTVZ Customer Focus

The following video was produced for customers. Hearing loss can set you back a few steps…but it doesn’t have to “keep you out of the game”. So we focus on the positive aspects of treating hearing loss. Pacific Northwest Audiology will find the best solution for your hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget… using the most cutting-edge equipment in the region. With more than twenty years of clinical and research experience, Dr. Li-Korotky is exceptionally qualified to help you get back in the game.