Pacific Northwest Audiology Planning A Party

Pacific Northwest Audiology is planning a Holiday Celebration for friends. It’s our way of appreciating those who have been loyal to us, those who want to know us, and the Bend community.   Please like us on Facebook (here) and give us a call at 541-678-5698 if you are or want to be one of our friends. Note that this is on a “first come first serve” basis, since we have limited seating for the event. See the invitation below, for details:

Pacific Northwest Audiology Building Progress

11.18.2015   Dr. Li-Korotky and her husband Josh Korotky, co-owners of Pacific Northwest Audiology, took advantage of a great Fall Saturday to check out the progress of their new building at the Shevlin Health and Wellness Center, a visionary medical campus designed by Todd Taylor of Taylor NW, to serve Northwest Crossing and Bend with one stop health care.  In the figure above, panels 1 and 3 show the building from the northwest and north northwest respectively. Panel 2 shows the interior plans for our new clinic and panel 4 shows the location of our clinic relative to High Lakes Health …

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Hearing Loss and Cardiovascular Disease Linked

This article discusses the link between hearing loss and cardiovascular disease, and underscores a growing role for audiologists Introduction: A growing body of research is showing a significant correlation between cardiovascular disease and low-frequency hearing loss. These studies 1) underscore the advantage of obtaining a baseline hearing exam and, 2) indicate a growing need for Audiologists and Physicians to work in partnership for the best health outcome of patients. Early Studies: Most of the early studies focus on the consequences of decreased blood supply due to cardiovascular disease, and the resulting negative effects on the blood vessel health of the …

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Diabetes and Hearing Loss

Introduction We’ve discussed the links between untreated hearing loss symptoms and a variety of debilitating medical and emotional conditions, including dementia, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease. Given the overwhelming evidence…we felt it was important to reveal that untreated hearing loss is more than an inconvenience, but will eventually damage your physical, emotional, and social health, while causing disturbing effects on your relationships with loved ones, family, and friends. This article will discuss the link between diabetes and hearing loss. The Problem People with diabetes may have a higher risk of developing hearing problems than those without the disease. This is because …

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Share Your Experience!

As a former or current patient…your satisfaction is our most important professional goal. Pacific Northwest Audiology is working very hard to “raise the bar” for audiological services in Bend, but we are competing in a well-established market and it will take well placed reviews to spread our high standards for patient-centered audiology. So …we ask you to share your experience at Pacific Northwest Audiology. The information you provide can also help others…like you…who are looking for an exceptional experience. Business Review Sites You can post reviews on Google, yelp, and YAHOO below. Simply click on an icon of your choice …

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Holidays and Apple Pie

The Holidays are approaching like headlights on NE 3rd Street on a busy shopping night in Bend Oregon …and as we avoid the oncoming traffic our thoughts turn to family, friends, and good food. I am reminded of something Carl Sagan (astronomer and author) once said about apple pie: “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe”. I love apple pie…but who has time to invent a universe? And even if I had the time…I can’t think of a practical way to accomplish the task. As luck would have it though…others have …

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Celebrate the Season with Big Savings!

The sky is darkened by menacing clouds and the wind is howling outside my window. The Sisters, Broken Top, and Mt. Bachelor are gone…probably taken away during the night! This weather is in stark contrast to our mostly glorious summer and a quick glance at my calendar confirms the seasonal change. I’m too old (and too smart) to walk around without a coat…pretending that the windy chill doesn’t bother me…so I guess it’s time to unpack my winter clothes and get ready for the coming season. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and everyone seems to be catching the wave …

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