Protecting Your Child’s Hearing at School

Protecting Your Child's Hearing at School

It’s back to school time again, and you’re enjoying the first few weeks of peace and quiet. You bought your kids new clothes and new school supplies, but did you pick up some earplugs? You want to make sure your child is prepared for everything, and stays safe, but not enough parents are thinking about protecting their child’s hearing.   Noise in Your Child’s School Schools are notoriously loud places, with crowded hallways, echoing cafeterias, and deafening programs like band practice or gym class. Even the bus on the way to and from school can be dangerous to your child’s …

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Data Show Increase in Hearing Loss in Oil and Gas Drilling Sector

Data Show Increase in Hearing Loss in Oil and Gas Drilling Sector

Everyone knows that noise induced hearing loss is becoming more and more common. From noisy city streets to crowded amphitheaters and sports venues, our lives are full of loud sounds. Some jobs are more dangerous to your ears than others, and one recent study shows that hearing loss is increasing in the oil and gas drilling sector. Noisy Workplaces Many Americans are employed in noisy workplaces. Farms, factories, and fire halls are all very loud, and anyone working in manufacturing, emergency services, or construction risk hearing loss. When sounds are very loud, they damage the tiny cells in the inner …

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Protecting Your Hearing During Summer

Protecting Your Hearing During Summer Festival Season

No summer is complete without a few good summer festivals. Planning a family weekend at a music festival this month? We want you to have a blast without blasting your ears with too much noise, so here are a few tips on how to protect your hearing during summer festival season.   How Loud is Too Loud? When you think of summer music festivals, you probably think of amazing food trucks, stinky toilets, and crazy outfits. You’re distracted by the kids and rivetted by watching your favorite artist perform. What you might not think about is how loud the music …

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Healthy Habits to Protect Your Hearing

Healthy Habits to Protect Your Hearing

Preventative health is a popular topic today. Some companies, organizations, and even insurance companies offer incentives for developing healthy habits that may profoundly impact your life. Yet, it is not enough to consider habits such as exercise, nutrition, and getting an annual physical. Preventative behaviors apply to your hearing, as well. Once hearing damage has taken place, it is not coming back without assistive technology such as a hearing aid. With that in mind, it is essential to protect your current level of hearing and to look out for the “future you.”   Turn It Down We’ve all witnessed someone …

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