What Happens if You Don’t Treat Hearing Loss

What Happens if You Don't Treat Hearing Loss

Do you think you may have hearing loss? Some common signs of hearing loss include struggling to follow conversations or having a hard time hearing on the phone. About 50 million Americans have hearing loss. But only 1 in 5 people who need hearing aids actually treat their hearing loss! Here’s what happens if you … Read more

New Study on Hearing Aids Reducing the Risk for Dementia

Do you have hearing loss? Have you been putting off getting a hearing test and investing in hearing aids? Researchers are finding that untreated hearing loss is a big risk factor for dementia. Untreated hearing loss can affect your brain in some major ways and can lead to cognitive decline. The good news is that … Read more

Can You Hear While Sleeping?

It has been a long day and you are ready to go to sleep. Most of us think that when we go to sleep, we are unconscious of the world around us. However, depending on the stage of sleep we are in, we may be more aware of what is going on around us than … Read more

Check Your Hearing This November for American Diabetes Month

Each November, we devote the month to remembering American Diabetes Month. This disease affects not only the 34.2 million Americans with diabetes, nor the additional 88 million who have elevated blood glucose levels to be considered to have pre-diabetes. In addition to this already vast percentage of the population, we recognize the energy, efforts, and … Read more

What Does It Mean to Have “Normal” Hearing?

We can’t help going through life continually comparing our own collection of information, life experiences, values, and viewpoints to the “normalcy” of others. For many things in life, ‘normal’ is in the eye of the beholder. However, as hearing loss is a scientific fact, we can come to a generally accepted conclusion as to what … Read more

Can Hearing Loss Affect Your Personality?

Hearing loss has a wide range of consequences. It’s hard to function normally when you constantly have trouble hearing, making it challenging to participate in discussions. Effective communication is crucial for navigating life’s challenges and maintaining relationships. Relationships, career, and hearing health are all impacted by hearing loss, but new research also suggests that hearing … Read more

October is Protect Your Hearing Month

Did you know that noise-induced hearing loss can affect people of all ages? Hearing loss caused by excessive noise can occur suddenly or gradually over time, and it is irreversible. The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) encourages everyone to learn about noise-induced hearing loss, a preventable type of hearing loss, during … Read more