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A New Vision for Hearing Care in Bend Oregon

Dr. Li-Korotky

We discarded old thinking and imagined new possibilities. Then we created a vision for tomorrow!

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On September 14, Pacific Northwest shared that vision with a an enthusiastic group of more than 50 individuals at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Bend Oregon.

Agenda items included information on how to:

  • Stream audio from iOS, Android, other Devices
  • Connect directly to an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  • Control hearing aid settings from a Smartphone
  • Communicate clearly in any environment
  • Manage Tinnitus
  • Use hearing apps to enrich hearing

Of course, we also had a lunch buffet, great product offers, and quite a few door prizes!

The event concluded with a Q & A for the presenters…Dr. Li and Dr. Odgear from Pacific Northwest Audiology, and Dr. Hecker from Widex.

This was heralded as a very informative and inclusive event by the attendees and we are now planning our Christmas Party. If you are interested in attending a festive party, call and register now at 541-678-5698. We will have great food, Christmas classics from Pandora, Bingo, and lots of prizes. But most important…we will have fun and fellowship!