Supporting a Loved One with Hearing Loss

With 48 million people in the US alone affected by hearing loss, there is a big chance that someone you know and care about is struggling with this condition. If you do then, perhaps you are wondering how you can support them. Hearing loss can be incredibly isolating and exhausting. Here are a few tips … Read more

Can Air Pollution Affect Our Hearing Abilities?

There are several causes of hearing damage. Most people know that loud noise can damage your hearing, but did you know that your environment may be another serious factor? A 2020 study examined the effect of those in area with high levels of air pollution and charted rates of hearing loss. A 2020 Study on … Read more

Know Alzheimer’s Disease: Treat Hearing Loss in September during World Alzheimer’s Month

Know Alzheimer's Disease Treat Hearing Loss in September during World Alzheimer's Month(3) (2)

Participate in World Alzheimer’s Month by scheduling a hearing test! Treating hearing loss reduces the risk of experiencing cognitive decline and developing conditions like Alzheimer’s. Launched in 2012, this international campaign creates awareness and challenges the stigma associated with dementia. Impacting 50 million people globally, dementia refers to a group of medical conditions that deteriorate … Read more