Myths About Hearing Aids

When considering treatment for your hearing loss, many preconceived notions can come to mind. Your first image of hearing aids might even be drawn from a bygone era when they worked quite differently than they do now. Along with our assumptions of how hearing aids work, we also have our own hang-ups about what hearing … Read more

How do Hearing Aids Work?

If you have ever used a home audio system to play music, then you might have more understanding of how hearing aids work than you think! Particularly if you have ever used a karaoke machine with a microphone and speaker, then you have all the pieces necessary to understand the basics of hearing assistive technology.  … Read more

A Link Between Hearing Loss & Second Hand Smoke

Public health experts are quick to point toward lifestyle behaviors as a way to improve wellbeing. Some of the other factors that can cause poor health are beyond our control. Variables such as heredity and exposure to pollution can’t be changed at the individual level, so public health saves those considerations for policymakers. In order … Read more