Household Items That Could Damage Your Hearing

When you think of the risks of hearing damage, what comes to mind? If your mind goes immediately to concerts, factories, and firing ranges, you are not alone. These very loud settings are the most dangerous places for your hearing. Yet, knowing these dangers means that you might be more likely to wear hearing protection … Read more

Early Hearing Loss Could Lead to Dementia

In the past, hearing loss was concentrated among our elders. Though it was possible to develop hearing loss at a younger age, it was quite rare. The shifting nature of our technologically-assisted life might be changing that.  With the influx of portable audio devices, smartphones, and streaming media, it is ever-more common for people to … Read more

A Healthy Diet May Stave Off Hearing Loss

On some level, we know intuitively that healthy eating leads to a healthy life. When foods seem to be plucked directly from the ground and placed onto our plates, we can almost taste the connection with nature. Yet, this sense of healthiness isn’t just an impression. Science has demonstrated some strong correlations between our eating … Read more