Link Between Stress and Hearing Loss

Research has demonstrated that many health conditions are linked to stress, but did you know that hearing loss and tinnitus can be added to that list? The link between stress and hearing loss might not make much sense to you, but they do seem to have an indirect connection through the heart and blood vessels.  … Read more

Chronic Tinnitus, Anxiety & Depression

If you have ever been at a loud sporting event, concert, bar, or restaurant, you might remember the experience of stepping outside into the relative quiet and noticing your ears ringing. That sound most likely went away after a little bit of time, and you must’ve felt relief to return to true quiet.  For those … Read more

Tips for a Successful Virtual Family Reunion

Virtual meetings have become the norm for many of us in 2020, and our family meetings might not be an exception this December. Whereas many of us might have traveled long distances in order to be in the same place for a family reunion, this year may find families shifting our gatherings to computer screens.  … Read more