It’s January 25 and most of us have already broken our New Years Resolutions, so we can all relax and get on with our lives. Actually, Dr. Li and I are always striving to live better, serve others better, and have fun while we are at it…so we can enjoy friends and New Years without … Read more


Our white Christmas and white New Years are behind us and 2016 is well in the race to 2017. But as Robert Frost said “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But we have promises to keep, And miles to go before we sleep, And miles to go before we sleep.” Progress continues steadily on our new building; … Read more

Patient-Centered Hearing-Health Care vs. Sales-Centered Hearing Care

The Bottom Line The following table compares the professional business model, represented by doctor-level audiologist such as those working at Pacific Northwest Audiology, and the corporate business model, represented by “Big Box”, manufacturing, and franchise retailers. The bottom line is that when you select a hearing care provider you also accept their business model…and the … Read more

Audiologist or Dispenser – Part 1

Introduction We have many customers who initially responded to “Big Box” discount advertising or hearing aid franchise promises, only to discover later that their discounted products weren’t as cheap as the promises that brought them into the store, and their expensive new hearing aids didn’t help them communicate any better than they did before laying down a large chunk … Read more