We had another week of typical Bend winter weather during the last week, with periods of sun, rain, and snow.  The ground is white and it looks like a white Christmas is assured, so I won’t need to play the old Bing Crosby tune to set the mood! The sound booths are firmly set in their … Read more

Pacific Northwest Audiology Building Progress, 12.16.2015, Bend Oregon

12.16.2015 We have had typical Bend winter weather during the last week, with periods of Sun, periods of rain, and periods of snow…nothing special! But the construction team worked overtime to get the building ready for the sound booth installation. That meant getting the roof up to keep out the weather and sealing all the … Read more

Pacific Northwest Audiology Had Their Annual Holiday Celebration In Bend Oregon!

Pacific Northwest Audiology had a grand Holiday party for more than 100 friends on December 16, at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Bend Oregon. It was our way of showing appreciation to those who have been loyal to us, those who wanted to know us, and the Bend Oregon community. We had a full agenda of great fellowship, food … Read more

Hearing Aids Can Prevent Mental Decline

An increasing number of research efforts are linking untreated hearing loss to thinking and memory problems, including dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Many of these studies indicate that hearing aids should be used as early as hearing loss symptoms can be verified, but evidence supporting hearing aids as a preventive therapy have been largely theoretical. That … Read more

Pacific Northwest Audiology Building Progress, 12.09.2015 – Bend Oregon

12.09.2015 After a week of warmer temperatures, occasional rain, some strong winds, and snow-melt from the blizzard we endured two weeks ago, construction workers are working overtime so Pacific Northwest Audiology can move in to the new building by April 1!  In the figure above, panels 1 and 2 show the building from the NE and NNE respectively (see the arrows in panel … Read more

Pacific Northwest Audiology Building Progress

11.30.2015 A week has passed since the last update, and as the pictures show, the weather took a definite turn for the worse during the week. More than a foot of snow in the Bend area snarled traffic and hindered progress on the building. But…it is winter in Bend Oregon, and we have no guarantee that … Read more