Tinnitus…The Assault on Quiet Moments

The following article will appear in the ‘Welcome to Hearing Health’ section of Bend Life magazine this coming June. Dr. Li-Korotky writes a monthly column for Bend Life. Introduction Tinnitus is the perception of sounds that have no external source. The severity of tinnitus varies from an occasional awareness of a noise (e.g., ringing, hissing, … Read more

Dr. Li-Korotky Talks at Lions Club

Dr. Li-Korotky, AuD, PhD, MD, was a guest speaker at the Crooked River Ranch Lions Club Community Appreciation Evening on April 29…at the Ranch Chapel at Crooked River Ranch in Terrebonne, Oregon. The event was in support of the Lions’ Sight and Hearing mission. The Doctor talked about her experiences growing up in China during … Read more

Spring Home and Garden Show in Bend, OR

Pacific Northwest Audiology was an exhibitor at the Central Oregon Builders Association Spring Home and Garden Show in Bend, Oregon on May 3-5. The show had hundreds of vendors and thousands of attendees…making this year’s event a huge success. The show provided a great opportunity for Dr. Li-Korotky to interact with and answer questions for … Read more

Tinnitus Awareness Week – May 19-25 2013

Pacific Northwest Audiology joins with the American Tinnitus Association (ATA) to recognize Tinnitus Awareness Week Established in 1927, May has since been known as “Better Hearing and Speech Month” – a time to raise national public awareness, knowledge and understanding of speech, language and hearing disorders. To complement ATA’s year-round advocacy efforts, each year we … Read more

36 Million Americans Suffer Hearing Loss …May is Better Hearing Month

Dr. Li-Korotky wants you to know that hearing loss currently affects more than 36 million Americans. Although hearing problems are commonly associated with normal aging, more than half of all hearing-impaired individuals are younger than 65. With the increased use of personal music players (MP3s) and earbuds, the number of Americans experiencing hearing loss at … Read more