Pacific Northwest Audiology Grand Opening Draws a Fascinating Crowd in Bend Oregon

Pacific Northwest Audiology had a Grand Opening party on October 25, including a Bend Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting ceremony. Upwards of 80 people shared the celebration, leaving “standing room only” conditions during the peak. Crowded as it was, everyone had a great time networking with fellow business colleagues and other interesting people with shared … Read more

Pacific Northwest Audiology a Co-Host at Bend Chamber of Commerce Event

Pacific Northwest Audiology was one of the Co-Hosts at the Business Showcase Fall Into the Holidays Event…hosted by the Bend Chamber of Commerce. This was a very successful event, building on the success of last year’s event. Fall into the Holidays “showcased” Chamber Member businesses and provided a vehicle for widespread networking…getting to know what … Read more

A Featured Article by Dr. Li-Korotky: Age-related Hearing Loss: Quality of Care For Quality of Life.

This is a summary of an article that was recently featured in a Special Issue of The Gerontologist on Baby Boomers. Age-related hearing loss (ARHL) symptoms include progressive deterioration of auditory sensitivity, loss of the auditory sensory cells, and deterioration of central processing. ARHL is the third most prevalent chronic condition inflatable boxing ring in … Read more

Bend Residents Should Heed: Hearing Loss in Older Adults is Currently Under-Treated

The following report from Consumer News has important information for Bend residents. The report underscores the importance of selecting a qualified Audiologist for screening and treatment. Most Audiologists have a Doctor of Audiology degree with specialized training in the prevention, identification, assessment, and treatment of hearing disorders. By virtue of their advanced education, professional certification, … Read more

Boomers in Bend, OR Benefit From Hearing Aids As They Stay In The Workforce Longer

This article by the Better Hearing Institute has important information for all “Baby Boomers”. For a variety of economic reasons, Boomers are working well beyond their retirement age. At the same time, hearing loss increases naturally as a function of advancing age. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important for boomers to routinely get their hearing … Read more

Hearing Loss Negatively Impacts Mental, Physical Health of Elderly in Bend, Oregon

There are a number of studies that show the negative physical and psychological effects of hearing loss. The really dramatic aspect of this study indicates that Americans over 65 feel that hearing impairment has a more profound effect on their lifestyle than hypertension, osteoporosis, or stroke! This underscores a message that we repeat often…the importance … Read more