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New Year’s Resolution: Get Your Hearing Tested

Do you struggle to follow conversations in places with a lot of background noise? Have you noticed changes in your hearing health, or feel like you’re missing out on many of the sounds around you? If you have hearing loss, then the New Year is a great opportunity to do the right thing for your overall health and your hearing health. Make a New Year’s resolution you can easily keep, and get your hearing tested. Why Should You Get Your Hearing Tested? You may think your hearing loss isn’t too bad, or that you’re only missing out on the odd

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Are Two Hearing Aids Better Than One?

For people who are hearing impaired, using two hearing aids to hear is so much better than just using one. Two hearing aids keep the cognitive abilities from declining by working with the brain on both sides to keep neurons firing that would otherwise die off. They keep the hearing fresh and sharp allowing for communication between family and peers to continue without missing a beat. They allow the user to continue living their life without interference. Some people don’t see the point of bothering with any hearing aids and they spend their lives straining to hear even the smallest

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Hearing Loss

Weather Preparedness Tips for People with Hearing Loss

A natural disaster could strike at any time and it is important to be prepared for any emergency that could arise. This is even more relevant for people with hearing loss. The need to plan, practice, and store away information and materials specific for someone with hearing loss could save your life. The Importance of Visual Alerts Messages of emergency preparedness and weather awareness are often spread far and wide through radio and television announcements that are then shared through the Internet and social media. Making plans for weather emergencies may be challenging for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community if

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Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing Aids and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence relates to improved technology and hearing aids too. Digital technology is known for having met one of the expectations, which were released to the marketplace in the year 1996. However, digital technology been introduced to hearing aids across an extensive price range. Besides, almost every hearing aid is currently using hearing aid technology. For the advancement of hearing aid performance to take place, it will be derived from algorithm and software development. Even though we have the hardware, we need to maximize the competence of digital technology, as well as into human hearing perception. The availability of Artificial

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